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You'll find anything from (experimental) photography, random artwork (both digital and traditional), random pieces of writing, and a LOT more.


I favorite like a madwoman. If I see something I like/love, it'll be in this folder. From book/movie/game/whatever fan-art to stunning original pieces... Enjoy ;)





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Random Stuff



Well, as of midnight tonight, another book to another year will have closed, and a new chapter will commence. I've always taken the start of new years not too seriously; I didn't really care about making any resolutions, and the most I ever did to acknowledge the new year was just hope it was better than the last. These last five to eight years have been nothing but a rough ride for my family, with some small blessings here and there.
The biggest "bad" thing to happen in 2013 was the passing of my grandfather (the patriarch of my family and the closest thing to a father I ever had). The highlight of 2013 was when I rekindled my relationship/got back together with my long-distance-best-friend-boyfriend-complicated-lover-person.
So, I look forward to a New Year, for I feel it will be the year things start to turn around for me and my family. But of course I know I have to do some of the work, hence why I've created my first ever, official New Years Resolution list.

1. Work hard at my new job. If you didn't read my previous entry, back in November, I took on my first job as an online distributor with a company called Skinny Body Care. Being able to work from home is a real privilege and it works for me; my mother and I only have one car (and it's old/always breaking down), we have two dogs that would otherwise be kenneled up 18 hours a day if I had to leave the house to work; but business is very slow for me at the moment, which I've been assured is due to the holiday season. Plus I am not very social on social media and don't have very many followers. But I'm going to really apply myself to being more outgoing, and telling everyone I know/who may benefit from SBC's products :) When the money starts rolling in, I'm going to not only help my mother out with the bills, but also put away as much as I can each payday so hopefully by the end of 2014/beginning of 2015, we'll have saved up enough money to buy a 5-acre piece of property so I can have horses, get a manufactured house, and live in our own place again. I want 2014 to be the last full year we live in this piece of sh*t rental!!!

2. Lose weight. How original. lol I actually started this earlier this year in September, but I have a long way to go til I reach my goal. I've been overweight all my life, and my weight struggles have never been something I mention/acknowledge on any social media profile I have, but in losing the weight that I have, I feel comfortable opening up about it. So far I have lost 20 pounds and 18+ inches; my goal is to be able to fit into a size 10, at least, by the end of 2014 :) In fact, the reason I am losing all this weight is due to an all-natural supplement that I am actually selling! Hehe I believe in the product so much, that's another reason why I took this job, other than the convenience of staying at home and just doing promotional stuffs on the internet.

3. Write more. 2013 has been a busy year of writing for me, I won't deny that. But I want 2014 to be bear as much fruit--if not more--than this year. My specific goals are to finish DBZ Black Moon and DBZ LEGEND RISING so that by the end of 2014, I'll be able to start/post BOOK I of my DBZ UNDERWORLD SAGA. My BIGGEST goal, however, is to really focus on my original novel, Whisperer, and get Book 1 The Cold Moon finished.

4. Do more art. 2013 has been a VERY SLOW year in terms of art :/ But in 2014, I'm going to do lots more projects, from DBZ to illustrations for my original stories, and better my "style" so I can grow. In fact, I'm even thinking of opening request commissions in the new year :) I've had some people encourage me to do so, and all I'd have to do is set up a Paypal account/get the whole gist of how points work...

5. Apply myself to photography. In the past year, I've become a bit of a photography bug (as anyone who watches me knows lol). It's just another form of art that I've become obsessed with. And ever since my good friend (who is experienced in dealing with photographers) suggested I should take pics of people's horses and get paid for it (in other words, become a paid photographer), I have had this idea germinating around in my head to build a portfolio and start studying true photography techniques. I consider myself an "official" amaetuer photographer, but I have lots to learn. I only ever get a decent/good quality photo in terms of composition, lighting, angle and whatnot once every blue moon; I don't have a professional grade camera, nor do I have Photoshop (and I sometimes go overboard in editing/touching up photos) but 2014, I'm going to start taking myself serious as an aspiring photographer, and hopefully, through my good friend, have my first photoshoots :) Everyone has to start somewhere!

6. Get myself "out there". For my current job and future career as a potential writer/artist/photographer, I am hoping that in becoming more social and outgoing through my new job will open doors for me in getting my name and works out for people to see and want to respond to. I have a fairly good following on and for my stories; it can be considered a small handful to some, but to me, the 20+ people who faithfully read, review, and favorite my stories make writing a new adventure for me, for instead of my stories being seen by my eyes only, they are seen (and enjoyed) by others. I have a fair few number of Watchers here on my deviantART, but very few ever seem to comment/favorite my things. I know it can't be so one-sided; I'm going to start being more open/social here as well, in commenting on others' work and leaving them feedback. I can't very well ask people to leave feedback on my work when I very rarely praise others' works myself :)

7. Work on my relationship.
My best-friend/boyfriend will be visiting in February; that alone is a great start to my new year. After that, he'll be moving here. I look forward to our relationship growing :)

8. Study hard.
My first semester/year of vet tech courses were a bit of a flop... :( Guess that's what I get for jumping into a course like that having been out of school for 3+ years... I don't have the money to pay for tuition this semester, so I'm taking it off (which I can thankfully do; I have 6 years to complete the course if I need it). So, even though I'm not going to be an active student, I'm going to study and get myself caught up so that when I am put back into the fold, I am ready.

That's all I have on my list. At least, those are my priorities :)
Anyways, hope y'all have a Happy New Year; party safe and dream big!


Art & Photography


Getting plenty of ideas for future art projects ;)
Since music is such a bit inspiration/motivation factor for me, I'm going to be creating a theme challenge that fits with songs I have for story playlists (in regards to DBZ/story illustrations).
A lot of my art goals will draw inspiration from theme challenges. So, I'm pretty excited for that :D

With spring arriving in a couple months, I hope to be spending a lot of time with my friend Chelsey and her horses so I can have some mock photo shoots :3 And just to be around horses; maybe I'll even get more hands-on experience and perhaps she'll let me help her train her new horse 83


Writing *check here for and story updates*


My hiatus is almost over, to my and readers!!! Plans were rearranged in December last-minute but I thought it would be good for me to take a break during the holidays to get my writing groove boosted. Of course, re-reading the reviews you guys leave me also gives me inspiration/motivates me a great deal :) :heart:
I'm going to take advantage of the new year and proof-read/edit the chapters of DBZ Black Moon that I have up, both to fix mistakes I've caught in manners of technicalities and consistency with plot, but also because there is some new stuff I'd like to add--small details here and there. I'll have those updated when I post the latest/newest chapter, so y'all will know when there's new goodies to go back and read ;)


My Written Works


brainstorming = story is in brainstorming process, may or may not be written yet
active = story is currently/consistently being worked on, available to read online
in progress = story is being written at a consistent pace, online publication is pending

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This is Fang signing off.

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All photography, art, writing, and other in this gallery is © Jordane M. Arnold aka "FangSoul". I will give proper credit to what I don't own or am not responsible for. Please don't get on my bad side and steal anything of mine (not that I'm saying my stuff is worth stealing, I'm just reminding you people without any common sense that even on the internet there is such a thing as perjury/copyright infringement/theft.)

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Jordane M. Arnold
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am...
Animal lover
Veterinary student
Werewolf at Heart
A tomboy
Artist who never stops learning
Horseman who is without a horse
A writer who has endless stories to tell
Crazy about some things

a Golden Retriever named Lizzie, who lived to the ripe age of 13 (R.I.P)
a Tonkinese mystery-mix cat named Smokey (old man!)
Snowshoe Siamese named Ziva (little young'n)
a Border Collie/Labrador/German Wirehair Pointer puppy named Remmi we adopted from Angel Pets Paw Rescue
a Labrador Retriever puppy we adopted from a nice home who was moving and couldn't take her with them.

Favorite animals
I can never pick just one...
Big cats

Favorite mythical creatures

Favorite books
Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause
The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause
Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer
The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
The Harry Potter series
The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater
Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

I believe in many things, but I have no religion. You have your views, and I respect them, just don't shove them down my throat.

My mum and friends
Horseback Riding

Animal abusers
Equestrian "sports" or any "sport" that involve taking advantage of animals
People who think they know everything but don't
Crowded places
People who drive like idiots
Disrespectful teenagers/kids
Copycats/art thieves

Favorite places
Anything and any place natural/scenic.


Why I'm here on deviantART
To display my artwork, stories, and imagination to others; to meet other aspiring and amazing artists and learn from them; to discover art; and maybe make some friends ^^

Werewolves don't exist...
YES THEY DOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :noes: (on the inside ;) )

MySpace: I don't really use MySpace anymore... :shrug:


To all of you visiting my gallery: I don't expect you to love my art and stories and the way I view life, but I do at least expect you to be respectful of who i am; if you have a problem with my art or stories, then you can just walk away; don't waste my time and fill my comments with flames.
To those who enjoy my works, although I am deeply humbled and ecstatic to have followers, I do expect some form of respect from you, as well: Please do not recreate my stories/characters without permission or without linking back to me.
All of my fanfics/artwork is (C) ME!!! :threaten: Although I do use characters and storylines who are not mine (e.g. DragonBall Z characters, storyline; Underworld (movies) characters and storylines, etc), I DO own every Original Character, idea, and every single line of writing in my fanfics and novels.

Thanks for visiting my page/gallery! Hope you enjoy, and please come again! :wave:
- Jordane "Fang"

Current Residence: The world of my imagination (but in reality, I'm a proud resident of Washington State)
Favourite genre of music: Rock, alternative rock, symphonic metal, classical
Favourite photographer: Dunno...there's so many!!
Favourite style of art: Traditional, digital, photography, literature...
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I don't really long as I can listen to music!
Wallpaper of choice: Any of animals and nature, my favorite fandom/media
Favourite cartoon character: GOHAN SON!!!! <3
Personal Quote: Meh...not one who comes up with her own quotes...

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