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You'll find anything from (experimental) photography, random artwork (both digital and traditional), random pieces of writing, and a LOT more.


I favorite like a madwoman. If I see something I like/love, it'll be in this folder. From book/movie/game/whatever fan-art to stunning original pieces... Enjoy ;)



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  • Reading: The Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater
  • Watching: DragonBall Z Abridged by TFS
Happy New Year, everyone!

....No, I'm not dead Wink/Razz

This page has just kinda been sitting here on the interwebs collecting dust, but I have returned to clean it up some and pave way for new works to come! 2015 was just a "blah" year for me. Not that it was bad, not at all; I was promoted at my job, made new friends, gained a lot of wisdom and experience and confidence as the year went on... It just wasn't very... I don't know, exciting, I guess? Because of work, mostly. The most that happened throughout 2015 was going back and forth to court hearings for the man who hit and killed my little cousin Cadence Boyer on Halloween night 2014 (if you've been a Watcher of mine for the past year, you've probably seen my last journal entry before this one, saying that my cousin had passed). The man who hit her was sentenced to 16 years in prison, and it took a whole year later--til after that next Halloween had passed--for our families to get the closure we needed.
Heck, given all that happened in 2014... I think 2015 was more of a hang-back-and-just-ride-it-out recovery year. And that's okay. We need those every now and then.

Anyways, onto happier things!
2015 was also another "blah" year for me as far as art and photography. Actually, I started quite a few art projects in 2015, but just never finished them... Most of what I worked on throughout 2015 was my written works, and even that was mostly "construction" work--making notes, making changes and edits, and building the stories as a whole--rather than covering a lot of ground as far as actually writing.

You'll notice my new journal layout is going to be plainer, not all dolled up like my previous ones have been. Simple because of this: it's too tiring. And because of my writing routine, I am no longer going to bother with listing all of the stories I'm working on--original or DBZ fanfiction--because truth be told, I'm only ever consistently working on 2 or 3 of them at a time, and those two are mostly DBZ Black Moon, and my original novel series, Whisperer (with the exception of an original short story here and there). But what I am going to still do is divide my journals somewhat by where the appropriate updates go. I did this before in the past, but stopped because it got to the point I hardly was doing anything in any one given section (art, photography, writing, etc.) to ever post anything worthy of knowing. But for those of you who read/follow my written works on and, I will try and post regular updates here in my journals so my readers can know what's going on whenever I'm not posting any updates (lord knows it does not happen often; Black Moon has already been up on for 4 years now--HOLY SHIT--and it's just now halfway through the story).

All in all, I'm going to be more active on here. Though I will admit, there is stuff going around on dA and in its community I am not pleased about; from the crappy administrative services, art thieves, and shitty-quality content---NOW PAUSE: Before you go all ape-shit on me, let me clarify: I'm not talking about people who aren't very high up in the artistic ladder and are still learning; I am talking about the people who use dA like it's Facebook, and post random pictures that have no purpose on an art site, or people who create accounts just to post whatever pics they find on Google, or kids who post atrocious scribbles they don't put any effort into, etc. This site certainly isn't the place it was when I first signed on, but I like to still keep faith and hang around for my friends that are on here, and for the real artists that are still on here in spite of all the BS. There is still great art featured on this site, and I still enjoy discovering all of it!
I will tie my FB, Fanfiction, and Fictionpress accounts to here, so this will serve as a universal plug-in/realm for all my creative aspirations. I must say, I miss sharing things I create within the art community and receiving feedback. As I did a couple years ago, I contemplated creating a separate account for my budding photography portfolio, but I know I won't have the time--nor the patience--to juggle 2 dA accounts on top of everything else, so I'm just going to continue to blend everything together here. After all, my little "slogan" on my account here, ever since I started, was "A Little Bit of Everything", and it's going to remain so.
There are some of you who are following me for my DragonBall Z fan-art and fanfiction; there are some of you who are following me for my photography, or some of you are following me for my original written works. Whatever the anchor is for you to Watch me, I am truly thankful you enjoy the work I put out, and I hope you will continue to enjoy my works in the future, regardless of what particular "area" you favor.

Also, I will most likely start opening commissions this year as well. I finally set up a PayPal account, so that's the first step done! I will let you all know and weigh in on what you think when I get it all sorted out as to whether my commissions will be restricted to a certain subject/matter, or totally open, etc.

That's it for now, my lovelies. It's good to be back :)

- J

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Diamond Bullet Red DBZ BLACK MOON

I am about half-way through writing Chapter 41 now. Needless to say, a LOT is going on in it, stuff that I have to watch and refer back to the actual DBZ show/anime to figure out how I want to construct the scene and the story I'm trying to tell. I know Chapter 40 was kinda left on a hanger, but hey, those are the best kind ;P And for those who missed it: I updated the entire draft of Black Moon this last December, so give it a re-read if you haven't visited the story in the last six months, you'll find some new surprises and goodies :)


I know it's been nearly 3 years since I did anything with this fanfic; I've contemplated removing it several times because all it's doing is sitting there. But I guess I will continue to leave it for now. As mentioned before, the main writings I am focused on are Black Moon and, more than anything, fleshing out my original novel series, Whisperer (which I have been working on for far longer than all of my fanfics combined). I feel so bad neglecting LEGEND RISING, I know just based off the few reviews it's gotten that people really see a lot of potential in it; and truly, it is a big deal. This fanfic is, essentially, the prequel and starting point of my first (and biggest) DBZ fanfic series that really started it all for me in writing and literature, as strange as that sounds. But lately, I've been confused as to how to continue with my UNDERWORLD SAGA, and the whole structure of my DBZ fanfics as a whole unit. I used to believe that my DBZ UNDERWORLD SAGA was the story of my childhood fantasy with the DBZ characters from when I was little girl, that just grew as I grew... Well, that's still kind of true, but something has also changed. Lately, I've been toying around with the idea of doing a complete retelling of DragonBall Z---the actual show---in my own way, with just my OC interjected into it (as always). That sounds a lot like my DBZ UNDERWORLD SAGA, right? Well, it kinda is, with the exception of one factor: NO WEREWOLVES. Yes, if you haven't been following me for very long, I went through a phase when I was teenager and I made all of my DBZ fanfiction have werewolves in it (just take Black Moon for example; as that story has grown over the years, there is almost no big role werewolfism plays in the story, but it's been that way since I first started writing it 8 years ago and I didn't want to bother changing it). DBZ UNDERWORLD SAGA is practically the same concept of me writing DBZ from the beginning to fit to what I want, but I find myself wanting to make changes. Not to say I haven't grown out of werewolves--oh, not at all, I'm just as crazy about the as I ever was, but with as much as Black Moon has grown, I am realizing the stark contrasts between it and the current state of my DBZ UNDERWORLD SAGA. I fear it will outshine that saga when it comes time for me to publish it. You (all my readers) may have been exposed to my weird DBZ world through Black Moon first and think it's awesome (which, judging by all the reviews I have, lots of you are enjoying it), Black Moon was hardly my first pick of DBZ fanfics I wanted to publish and get known by. To put it simply, Black Moon is more, well, DragonBall Z, than my UNDERWORLD SAGA. The DBZ UNDERWORLD SAGA has drawn from so much inspiration from so many other stories and movies--Underworld, Van Helsing, Harry Potter, and even the Hunger Games--that making it all blend together into a more original work (while still being faithful and true to the world of DBZ) has become a bit of a challenge in my mind. It's just all over the place, and most of all, I have to stop and ask myself, "Is this still supposed to be a DBZ fanfic? Cuz other than the characters doesn't FEEL like DragonBall Z and what you've come to know/love about it over the years."
Whoa, rambling here...
In short, I am going through a quarter-life crisis with my "baby", so it's going to get a major make-over. What does this mean for LEGEND RISING? Well, in truth, not a whole lot; LEGEND RISING is probably the most DBZ-ish of the entire SAGA as it stands right now, so it's not going to change much, but it's still going to take working on the SAGA as a whole a little more and where I went it to go in terms of story first, before I get back to work on LEGEND RISING. So for now, until further notice, I have officially put LEGEND RISING on hiatus.

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Diamond Bullet Royal Purple Lacuna Oneiric

You all must hate me. I'm sure of it. Lacuna Oneiric was getting off to such a great start, but then I totally lost my writing mojo for it for a while--like 2 years... :nuu: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!
While I have not been updating it much, I HAVE been working on it, in spurts! To put it to you straight: I've been re-writing it, pretty much. One of the quirks of GROWING UP and getting better at what you do: you spot all of the mistakes and crappy quality of what your younger, less experienced self put out there, and now you have to FIX IT, DAMMIT! In addition to doing a re-write, I've also been fleshing the story out more; in other words, lots of thinking, brainstorming, and planning.
I am currently working on re-writing Chapter 3, adding some whole-new material in there ;) I hope you all will like it when I re-post the updated draft!
I've also been contemplating putting a prequel in the works, of Luke's back-story to when he was a kid and his struggles from that point in his life. Will probably be called Lacuna (I know, what a stretch, right?)

Diamond Bullet Bright Green DaggerPoint Grove

Oy... Where to start with this one. This story has also been on a major hiatus, for similar reasons as Lacuna Oneiric. I am still trying to figure out where I want the story to go, I'm constantly adding things and taking stuff out as I flesh the story out more. I am trying to make it more than 'just another werewolf romp' of a novel, I've wanted to integrate crime drama and mystery to it, in addition to more broad supernatural elements. I'm also trying new things with the characters as well, it's way too easy for me to make my characters like cardboard cut-outs of characters from my other stories if I'm not careful.
DaggerPoint Grove I'm not quite so keen on fixing up just yet, unlike Lacuna Oneiric. I think DPG is at a safe enough spot in its starting point that it can sit there a little longer until I build a more comprehensive foundation to continue writing.


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The Globalist by FangSoul
The Globalist
Location: Rose Quarter/Moda Center; Portland, Oregon
December 2015

MUSE performing in Portland at the kick-off of their Drones Tour. My second time seeing them live, and they went leaps and bounds over their 2nd Law Tour... What an experience!!




Photo © Jordane “Fang” Arnold. Do no use! This is NOT stock, but you may use as drawing/art reference AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT TO ME/put a link to your finished product in the comments section. :)
Supermassive Black Hole by FangSoul
Supermassive Black Hole
Location: Rose Quarter/Moda Center; Portland, Oregon
December 2015

MUSE performing in Portland at the kick-off of their Drones Tour. My second time seeing them live, and they went leaps and bounds over their 2nd Law Tour... What an experience!!




Photo © Jordane “Fang” Arnold. Do no use! This is NOT stock, but you may use as drawing/art reference AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT TO ME/put a link to your finished product in the comments section. :)


FangSoul's Profile Picture
Jordane M. Arnold
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest.

I am inspired by Nature and her children.

My family (including my 4-legged members) are everything to me.

I am, for the most part, a self-taught artist, amateur photographer, and writer.

Most of what you will find in my gallery will be fan-art for various fandoms, but mostly for my favorite anime, DragonBall Z; my experimental photography, my own original work that may be random or be tied to my original written works, and there'll be other miscellaneous projects that may come to my mind.

I am here to learn and to broaden my skills, to meet new people who share the same passions as I, to share my creativity with my peers.

To all visiting my gallery: I don't expect you to love my art and stories and the way I view life, but I do at least expect you to be respectful and mature; if you have a problem with my art or stories, then you can just walk away; don't waste my time and fill my comments with flames.
To those who enjoy my works, although I am deeply humbled and ecstatic to have followers, I do expect some form of respect from you, as well: Please do not recreate my stories/characters without permission or without linking back to me.

Thanks for visiting my page/gallery! Hope you enjoy, and please come again! :wave:
- J

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